Special Interest Group on Education for Information Science: SIG/ED

- SIG/ED Purpose

The American Society for Information Science supports a variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) where members with similar professional specialties and interests can exchange ideas and keep informed about their areas of special interest.

SIG/ED focuses on the education - at all levels - of those concerned with the handling of information. Though SIG/ED, ASIS members have a forum for coordinating efforts and sharing knowledge of educators in a wide variety of information-oriented fields, including computer and communications science, librarianship and management. These levels range from basic education for professional service, through advanced education and research to continuing professional education. SIG/ED sponsors programs at ASIS annual and midyear meetings that focus on such topics as curriculum design, research in information science education, instructional resources and methods, manpower needs, placement, recruitment to the information professions, continuing education and educational program planning. SIG/ED also administers the Doctoral Forum at each ASIS Annual Meeting and the annual Student Paper Contest.

Membership in SIG/ED is open to any ASIS member with an interest in information science education. You can join ASIS and SIG/ED by by going to the Join section of the main ASIS WWW site. For more information about a particular SIG, contact the SIG's chair.

- SIG/ED sponsored sessions at ASIS Midyear '96

Issues and Challenges for the Educational Environment SIG/ED Howard Besser, University of Michigan
Planning GII: Implications for Education and Training, SIG/ED Ray R. Larson, University of California, Berkeley, Moderator
Role of the Science and Technology Information Professionals in Meeting the Needs of Scientists in the Digital Environment, SIG/ED Samantha K. Hastings, University of North Texas, Moderator

Other Sessions of SIG/ED Interest

The CommuniStation Project at Rutgers: An Exploration of Democracy in Learning, Kathleen Burnett, Rutgers University
Teaching During the Revolution: The Implications of Digital Curricula, SIG LAN Karen M.G. Howell, University of Southern California, Moderator
Expanding the Classroom: The Role of Electronic Media in Science Education, SIG STI Natalie Schoch, University of Maryland, Moderator

- SIG/ED sponsored sessions at ASIS Annual '96 - Baltimore

The Future Is Now: Planning Curricula for the Information Professionals of the 21st Century, SIG/ED Katherine McCain, Drexel University, Moderator
Doctoral Forum, SIG/ED Ray R. Larson, University of California, Berkeley, Moderator
History of Information Science: Reminiscences and Assessments, SIG/ED & SIG/HFIS Robert V. Williams, University of South Carolina, Moderator

- Information Science Educational Programs

Please help us complete this list -- it is based on the list at the University of Wisconsis - Madison constructed by Julie Fingerson and Kris Veldheer. Send additions or corrections to this list to

- New Educational Initiatives in Information Science

This section will highlight initiatives to improve education for Information Science. Please let us know about other efforts to improve education for Information Science.XS

- CRISTAL-ED Coalition on Reinventing Information Science, Technology and Library Education

The School of Information (SI) at the University of Michigan, with the assistance of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, has begun a major project to "reinvent" education for Information Science. The Kellogg-sponsored Coalition on Reinventing Information Science, Technology, and Library Education (CRISTAL-ED), is a five-year project to reinvent such education to meet the changing needs of information professionals. The School of Information is hoping to facilitate development of an international, multidisciplinary consortium of schools to define new areas of professional specializations to serve society's needs for information access and use.

- SIMS - The new School of Information Management and Systems at UC Berkeley

The information revolution has created the need for a new kind of professional: someone who is skilled in locating, organizing, manipulating, filtering and presenting information. The University of California, Berkeley has created the new School of Information Management and Systems, (successor to the School of Library and Information Studies), to provide education for information managers.

- Proposal for Merger between SLIS and Educational Technology: University of Missouri

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