Special Interest Group on Education for Information Science: SIG/ED

SIG/ED Sponsored Sessions at the 1996 ASIS Annual Meeting, Baltimore

History of Information Science: Reminiscences and Assessments


Robert V. Williams

College of Library and Information Science
University of South Carolina


This session continues the on-going work of SIG/HFIS in giving focus to the work being done in the history of information science. This year's program is a combination of presentations that focus on assessing, through personal reminiscences and historical scholarship, the work of specific companies, individuals, schools, and the federal government, their contributions to the development of information science and technology.


They had an Information Crisis and no one really cared: United States STINFO Policy and Professional Reactions, 1958-1980

Colin Burke
University of Maryland-Baltimore

Brief abstract: Describes the nature of the information crisis in scientific and technical information and the reactions of the U.S. government's in dealing with it during this period. Discusses the development of major federal agencies such as NTIS and NSF and asssess their role in the evolving of a policy for scientific and technical information.

Weststat, Inc. and Information Science and Technology: Reminiscences and Assessment of the Early Years

Donald W. King
Knoxville, TN

Brief abstract: Through a combination of personal reminiscences and analytical assessment, one of the principal figures in the founding and development of Weststat, Inc. discusses the early years.

Western Reserve's Documentation Program: Reminiscence and Assessment of the Early Years

Tefko Saracevic
Rutgers University
School of Communication, Information and Library Science

Brief abstract: The first series of courses in documentation in the U.S. were first offered at Western Reserve University in 1958. An early student in the program reminiscences and assesses the influence of the school on the development of information science.

Lodewyk Bendikson: Pioneer in Documentary Photography

Michael Buckland
University of California, Berkeley
School of Information Management and Systems

Brief abstract: Lodewyk Bendikson, 1873-?, MD, librarian, and researchers, was an early pioneer in the development of documentary photography and substantially influenced later developers in a number of related fields.

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